Manya Angley
Research & Consulting


Manya Angley Research & Consulting is an independent organisation that provides
expertise in the design, implementation and evaluation of health and academic
programs and services.

Manya Angley Research & Consulting works as a solo consultancy practice as well as
in conjunction with other consultants and researchers that are assembled to meet the
specific needs of clients and projects.

  With 20 years experience as a University academic and a practising health
professional (pharmacist), Dr Angley specialises in delivering solutions that address
the evidence-to-practice gap to achieve quality outcomes.

Dr Angley is accredited to conduct medication reviews and is available to conduct Home Medicines Reviews (HMRs) and Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMRs).
She has extensive experience with timely conduction of post-discharge medication
reviews, both HMRs and collaborative RMMRs.